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Automata online forum FAQ:

  • What are Automata?  Because of their diversity, automata are difficult to define. Here is our loose definition of them: "Machines that replicate human, animal, or inanimate objects’ motions, capabilities, and/or everyday tasks. These can be hand cranked, motor driven, or computer controlled.”   This definition may be expanded as time flows.

  • What is this Automata online forum for?  This forum is to enhance communication within the Automata community.  All topics related to Automata are welcome here, including design, construction, tools, materials, collecting, history, restoration, and more.  In addition we have provided a sub-forum for "Buying, Selling, and Wanted" conversations.

  • How do I subscribe to the Automata online forum?  Go to this link and follow the instructions.

  • After I subscribe where will I find the messages?  The default setting for the forum is that all message threads will be emailed to each subscriber.  You can reply to messages and begin new ones from your email app.  Additionally, you can view and reply to the messages on the Automata online forum website.  There are other options that you can see/choose on your subscription page on the Automata online forum website.

  • Can photos be posted to the Automata online forum?  Yes, photos are welcome.  Note that all photos submitted will be resized to be no larger than 1024 X 1024 pixels.

  • Can Video be posted to the Automata online forum?  Sorry, no.  We have limited storage space.  Please post to another service (YouTube, for example) and then post a link to your video.

  • Can I post messages to this forum without subscribing?  Yes.  All messages from non-subscribers will be approved by a moderator before appearing as a forum post.

  • What is the advantage of becoming a subscriber?  As a subscriber you will have message delivery options.  Non-subscribers must visit the Automata Forum website to view the messages.  Subscribers will automatically receive new messages.

  • Why are my messages moderated?  In an effort to eliminate spam from this forum, the first two messages from all subscribers will be passed by a moderator. Once approved, the messages will become public. All messages from non subscribers will be passed-by a moderator for approval. The 'moderation delay' will rarely exceed four hours during the business day.

  • When was this forum started?  This forum began in June 2019.

  • I want more help understanding this forum platform: Take a look at this GroupsIO help page, or post your question here in the forum and someone will help you.

  • Are you going to sell my information?  No, we are not.

  • Why are some Automata online forum features disabled?  The following features have by default been disabled: Calendar, Chats, Database, Files, and Polls. Any of these features will be enabled as need arises.

  • How do I make a New Topic post?  There are two ways:
    1. From your email application address an email to the group ( Fill in the Subject, and then type your message.  Then Send.  Your new message will be sent to all members of the group.
    2. From your browser go to the Automata Magazine group forum on the Internet (  Scan down the menu until you see New Topic.  Click on New Topic and you will be taken to a screen that will let you post a new message.
    How to add images and video?
    1. First, note that video files are too large for this group they won't be accepted.  You should instead send a link to your video.  Your video may be hosted anywhere.  I host mine at YouTube.
    2. If you are using your email application to make the post simply attach an image(s).  The image(s) will be resized by the platform to max dimension 1000 pixels.
    3. If you are posting your new post from the forum website, look up into the toolbar and you will see an "Add Pictures" icon.
    Is there a list of topics?:
    1. There is no drop down that shows a list of topics.
    2. If you want to make a post about "My Favorite Suppliers" simply include that text in the subject line.  Same with "What's on My Workbench".  Simply include in the subject line something like this..."What's On My Bench: This is how I animate a lizard tail".