Whats on my bench: Tennis shoes and heads


So to continue the rave about my newly acquired Prusa Mini 3d printer here are a couple more images:
This first image shows a 3d printed armature next to an armature that has been skinned with wood putty.  I'm new to working with this wood jury is still out.  I was going to use Sculpy but had just obtained this water-based wood putty and thought that I would give it a try. It is sturdy and can be easily carved with a dental tool.  Note the 3d printed ear.  I'll not be painting this for another month or so.
These tennis shoes are about 1-3/4 inches long.  I love the lace detail.  Obviously, I have a bit of clean up to do around the ankle areas.
The automata that I am creating right now is called Auger Lift.  A biped will be pedaling, which in turn will turn a 15" long auger, which will raise marbles to the top so that they can roll down.
What is on your bench?
-Jim Coffee-