What's on your bench: Surfter, Day 10 of 14


I'm 10 days into my self imposed two-week challenge.  The build is almost complete.  I still need to work on the head and I need to add a fin(s) to the surfboard.  After that, I need to disassemble and paint it.  I expect I will start the painting process Tuesday...need to be completed by Thursday.  For stands about 20" tall.
This has been a good challenge for me.  I'm considering if I am going to do another self-imposed challenge.  I think so.
I miss having a motor.  I would love to be able to simply turn this on and then sit back and watch it surf.  It's got a nice motion.  I'll post a video after it is completed.

What is on your bench??

Cheers from San Diego
-Jim Coffee-