What's on my bench: Surfer #1


Well, in my last post I said that I would be beginning a self-imposed 'two-week automata build' challenge.  I've begun.
I spent about a week thinking about what I wanted to do...and settled on creating an automata that features a surfer on a surfboard.  Because it is a 'quick build' it will need to be simple.  There will be no motor.  I want the surfboard to move, and the surfer to move relative to the surfboard (but not a direct connect).
I began on March am seven days into the build.  So far things are going well. 

The only things left for me to create are the cams and cam followers...which I will do tomorrow.  If time permits I will be re-carving the head.  Carving heads is difficult for me...a task that I dread.
I intend to spray paint everything in the drive frame camo color (a four-color palette).  And at this time I'm planning that both the surfer and the surfboard will be finished with a walnut Watco oil.  The surfer is primarily basswood and the surfboard is Myrtlewood.  

What is on your bench???  

Cheers from San Diego
-Jim Coffee-