What's on my bench: French Curves


Greetings...My current project is The Electric Chair.  Slow progress.  Lots of little details.  This build includes what I call the Drive Frame.  The drive frame sits below the automata and powers the automata.  Critical parts of the drive frame are the two side frames.  It is into the two side frames that the axles and shafts and cams and belts and the motor and hand crank sit.  When I began creating this automata I made a best guess at what these two side frames would look like.  Now as I'm coming into the final stages of powering all of the motions it is time to cut the final (I hope) side frames.
You will note that I use a french curve.  I could use straight lines but prefer not to.  My objective is to have the side frames be sturdy enough to contain everything, and to be a lattice so that folks can see into and past them to the drive components.  The material is 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood.
And just a side note...these frames are cut-out on a scroll saw.  Lines made with a french curve are hard (for me) to cut.  Unlike a straight line or a circle, a line made with a french curve is constantly changing.  I put on my magnifiers, turn off my audio book, and settle in for a slow scroll.
I look forward to seeing what is on your workbench.
-Jim Coffee-
San Diego, CA