What's on my bench: A Red Telephone


Greetings from San Diego.
I'm currently working on an automata titled "The Electric Chair".  I've been working on this since November.  Up until recently, I've been working on the mechanics parts of the automata...the things that move and that make things move.  Late last week I've started adding character to the automata...things like the high voltage transformer, and the red telephone.  Other details in the images include the bars in the window and the "switch handle".  Now that I've got the automata mechanically functioning the next major step is to disassemble it and paint it, reassemble it and add character.

I've been working on this automata for a long time (four months) and I want to take a bit of a breather so I'm in the process of challenging myself to a "Two Week Automata Build".  I intend to start the build next Monday (and to be completed in 2 weeks).  So I've got the remainder of this week to decide what I'm going to create.  If anyone else wants to jump into this challenge...please do so.  Post your intent next Monday...and then a What's On My Bench midweek (1st week) and midweek (second week), and then in the third week post the completed automata.

I would also like to gently nudge anyone out there that is creating automata to post What's On My Bench.  I'm certain that we would all be interested...and as has been demonstrated this is a safe place.  Nothing but nice folks here.  And many thanks to those of you that participate in the forum (it's a forum for everything automata).

Cheers from San Diego.
Stay healthy.
-Jim Coffee-