What do you call your people?


When I am creating automata one of the things that I create are little humans.  When I think about these little humans, or when I am speaking with my wife or someone else about them I'm always stumbling on what to call them.  I had the discussion with my wife and some close friends over beers at the Stone Brewery here in Escondido.  The closest that we could all agree was "biped".  So I've started referring to my little people as bipeds.  I'm still not comfortable.  What do you all call your little people?
-Jim Coffee-

Automata Magazine

All of my little people have names, so I just call them by name — Billy Bob, Walter, Zog, Jasper, Wilbur, etc.

V Bass

I usually call them "figures", though now that you bring it up, I can think of all sorts of other possibilities: puppets, mannekins, dancers, pawns, etc. But I like "biped" very much. It's a keeper.