This forum is an investment in the future of Automata


Greetings everyone...
I believe that this forum is an investment in the future of Automata.  If this forum becomes active with a focus on automata, and if it stays active for years and decades, it will become a valuable archive of automata history, techniques, conversations, personalities, photos, and movements.
We started September 2019 with just just a few members and are now up to 24 members.  That's good.
I would like to encourage everyone to participate a bit more actively for just a bit so that the forum can gain more momentum and so that it can become more appealing and so that we will gain additional membership.
I think a reasonable short term goal would be one new topic per day.  To that end I am willing to post once a day however I hesitate to do so.  This forum is not my is our forum.  It belongs to the automata community both now and into the future.  It belongs to all of us.
I'm in the Pacific time zone.  If by my evening there has not been a new topic posted I will try to do so.  
I look forward to getting to know you all better.

-Jim Coffee-
one of the Automata Group Moderators
I create automata near San Diego, California