The Joints are being installed


Greetings everyone...
I'm in the biped phase of the automata that I am creating.  This automata is an exercise machine that will require the biped to show a lot of flexibility.  Including the head (which isn't there) this biped stands about 11 inches tall.
I've got the shoulder joints installed, and just today I've finished the hip and knee joints.  Tomorrow the ankles.  What you cannot see is the nylon bushing in the middle of the joint.  So in other words there is a nylon bushing firmly attached to each leg section that has a 1/8"+ hole in it.  The leg sections thus move freely, pivoting on the 1/8" hardwood dowel.  None of the leg sections will be doing any work.  They will simply be moving back and forth.
I find the biped joints to be challenging.  I've not found a way yet to standardize the joints (and may never).  Also, I want these joints to be able to function for many decades and for many thousands of cycles.
After the biped is fully jointed I will create the automata around it.  When done I will then disassemble everything and paint it.  In the case of the biped he will be disassembled, sanded into character, and then copper leafed, and then a patina. Oh yes...I will create a head for him too.
This automata (called Inclined Slide) will be powered by both hand crank and motor.

I look forward to seeing the work of other members of this forum.

-Jim Coffee-
one of the Automata Group Moderators
I create automata near San Diego, California