New to the Forum


Hello everyone!

I was very pleased to subscribe to Automata Magazine today, then imagine my heartfelt joy to find that there is an automata forum as well.

A bit about me: I have tinkered with woodworking for much of my adult life. The projects don't always turn out as expected but those are the projects that teach me the most. I am fascinated with automata, attempting to figure out how it works and then incorporating those magical mechanisms into my own creations.

My first original automata was created in 2017 as a Christmas give-a-way gift, which had a limit of $10. I called it "Cookies for Santa" and it was very well received and still treasured to this day (or so I'm told). I'll post more about it in another post as I don't want to muddy up my introduction. :)

I look forward to interacting with all of you.