Miniatur Wunderland: Is it an automata? Does it contain many automata?


My vote is Yes.
I ran into this on YouTube a while ago...probably years ago.  It was not until the last month or so that I equated Miniatur Wunderland to automata.  Here is a link to their YouTube channel.
In the beginning I thought of Miniatur Wunderland as being a large model railroad layout.  It was not until I had watched many of the videos that I realized that this is not a large model railroad...rather it is a large automata that shows what and how people are.  And there is humor...take a look at this segment...starting at about minute 2:05.
Some of my favorite videos have the word "Wundurlandian" in the title.  These videos are about the individuals that are creating / maintaining Miniatur Wunderland.
Not long ago in this forum someone raised the question about 'how do we pass our automata interests/skills to the younger generation?'.  I find it interesting to note that many of the Miniatur Wunderlandians are young.  They are not like us old folks (speaking for myself)...rather they are younger, have different interests and values and skill sets.  They work with more modern tools and materials, including electronics.
Details are important.  For example, one of the young Wunderlandians (he does not drive) has the sole responsibility for all of the street sign details.  
A few details from their home page:
  • 1,490 meters square
  • 9,250 cars
  • 760,000 construction hours so far
  • 260,000 figures
  • 1,040 trains
  • 35,000,000 euros building costs
  • 4,110 buildings
  • 42 airplanes
  • 385,000 leds
  • 130,000 trees.
Remember Probost's Mechanical Christmas Crib (Nov-Dec 2019 Automata Magazine).  It is automata.  
And I think that Miniatur Wunderland is automata.  
And I wonder what automata will be like in another 100 years.

Anyway...thanks for reading.  Looking forward to your comments.
-Jim Coffee-
one of the Automata Group Moderators
I create automata near San Diego, California