Images...a few details


I'm one of the moderators of this forum.  One of my responsibilities is teaching others how to use this to work to use it.  This post will focus on images.
  • All images uploaded to the forum will be automatically resized to 1,000 pixel maximum dimension.  This size should be good for everyone and everything...and it will conserve the drive space that has been allocated to us.
  • Video is not permitted.  There are other venues to which you can upload/post your video...and then you can link to your video from this forum as appropriate.
  • Photo Albums (we have none at this time) are available as needed.
  • You know how the Internet works.  No image is safe from being copied.  You may not care (I generally don't).  If you do care at least have a copyright mark on your image.
  • Images can live a long time.  If you post images of your automata (or other important images)...consider a copyright mark, your logo, an email address, your phone, a url, and a date.
This is me.  I captured this image with my smartphone.  I created this message on my home computer using the chrome browser and gmail.  I dragged the image into this message and (using the handles) resized myself.  All in all pretty simple.
So...bottom line....
  • Don't upload unnecessarily...our space is limited.
  • Understand that when you do upload there will be a resize to 1,000 pixels max.
  • Please do upload images that support your automata post.
  • Consider marking your images: copyright, logo, email, phone, url, date.
  • And lastly...upload an image of yourself.  We would all love to meet you.
-Jim Coffee-
a forum moderator