How to start a new topic


Good afternoon everyone.  I just had a subscriber ask me "how do I post a new thread, how do I add photos and video, and where is the list of topics?"  I feel that if one person has this question there are probably I am posting the answers here.

How do I post a New Topic?  There are two ways:
  1. From your email application address an email to the group ( Fill in the Subject, and then type your message.  Then Send.  Your new message will be sent to all members of the group.
  2. From your browser go to the Automata Magazine group forum on the Internet (  Scan down the menu until you see New Topic.  Click on New Topic and you will be taken to a screen that will let you post a new message.
How to add images and video?
  1. First, note that video files are too large for this group they won't be accepted.  You should instead send a link to your video.  Your video may be hosted anywhere.  I host mine at YouTube.
  2. If you are using your email application to make the post simply attach an image(s).  The image(s) will be resized by the platform to max dimension 1000 pixels.
  3. If you are posting your new post from the forum website, look up into the toolbar and you will see an "Add Pictures" icon.
Is there a list of topics?:
  1. There is no drop down that shows a list of topics.
  2. If you want to make a post about "My Favorite Suppliers" simply include that text in the subject line.  Same with "What's on My Workbench".  Simply include in the subject line something like this..."What's On My Bench: This is how I animate a lizard tail".

I note that there is not this kind of "How do I make a new post" info in our Wiki, I'll add it.  If anyone finds any of the above unclear please reply to this post and I'll try to help you. 

Bottom line...we love Automata conversation!

-Jim Coffee-
creating automata near San Diego, California
one of the group moderators