Greetings and "An Automation a Day"


Greetings to new subscribers!  Thanks for joining us.
Most likely everyone reading this post has by now opened the most recent Automata Magazine (Sept-Oct 2019).  I'll be making comment on several of the articles over the coming couple of months but wanted to spend a bit of time right now to make several comments about the Federico article "An Automation a Day".
  • I used to do a lot of photography.  And I used to print a lot.  One of the things that I did to improve my printing skills was to print "A Print a Day".  It was a good routine and one that I benefited a lot from.
  • Creating a "print a day" and creating a "automata a day" are certainly two different things.  I would never have even thought of or considered an automata a day.
  • That said...look what happened.  Federico did it.  He did it by being pressured with time, and with being willing to go outside of his normal boundaries.
  • I really respect willingness and going outside normal boundaries.  I think it's wonderful when people are able to go outside normal boundaries.
  • Most great things were not created within normal boundaries.
  • Federico created some wonderful automata.
All in all I really enjoyed the article...I see automata a bit differently now than I did before.  Let's say that I see the automata colors in light that is a bit richer.  At this moment I would not consider doing an automata a day myself.  On the other hand I notice that I am considering it...weighing the pros and cons.  An interesting exercise. those of you that are new...thanks for joining.  And to all of you...I hope that this forum becomes a comfortable place to discuss all things automata.

-Jim Coffee-
one of the Automata Group Moderators
I create automata near San Diego, California