Four Nuts


Good evening everyone...

As I work I find myself frequently using a couple of nuts that I rarely used in the past. 
  1. Hex lock nuts with nylon insert:  I use these a lot.  When I am doing the prebuild work I use normal nuts, but then for the final assembly I use these locking nuts.  Just FYI, Stainless Steel, 4-40, a bag of 100, $2.87)
  2. T-Nuts, or Blind Nuts: I use these a lot too.  Especially useful for hard to reach places, or where you don't want the nut falling off into something.  Just FYI, Zinc, 4-40, a bag of 50, $5.40.
  3. Normal Nuts: I use these during prebuild, but rarely for the final.  Just FYI, Stainless Steel, 4-40, a bag of 100, $2.18
  4. Threaded Inserts:  I rarely use these...sometimes, however, they are just perfect.  They seem difficult to use (to me), difficult to install, and bulky.  Just FYI, Brass, 4-40, A bag of 25, $12.60.
And I'll add conversationally that  I stock machine screws #2, #4, #6, and #8.  I don't use wood screws. I prefer using stainless steel, and my most used size is 4-40.  I find #6 and #8 to be bulky...and I find #2 to be fun (and remarkably strong).

-Jim Coffee-