Five Second Stories


In the Cabernet of Mechanical Movement video (that I posted a link to several days ago) the museum director several times made reference to "5 second stories".  The more that I've thought about her statements (5 second stories) the more I've come to realize how important storytelling is to the art of automata.  The better the story...the better the automata. As I look at my own automata I see 'limited' stories.  I believe that I need to start thinking more in terms of 'stories' than in terms of 'scenes'.
San Diego

V Bass

Great point! To me, the least interesting automata are the ones that repeat one simple motion, over and over, without reference to a story. "Anubis doing pushups" is hilarious for a few minutes, but loses my interest quickly. But the guy eating spaghetti in the bathtub, for some reason, is a longer story, so the repetitive movement keeps my attention for a long time. (Spooner makes nothing but classics, but I guess some are more classic than others, when I start thinking about them.)

Vance Bass