Cookies for Santa


My first original automata was created in 2017 as a Christmas give-a-way for a white elephant gift exchange. The gift exchange allowed guests to steal presents from one another, do a search on "Dirty Santa - Gift Exchange" if you'd like more information on the game. In any regard, the automata turned out to be quite a hit (imagine my delight) and ended up being the gift that was most desired, not bad for a field of 30+ gifts.

Below is a crude video of the automata:

Though simple in design, I hope you enjoy it.



Very nice !
I think you far exceeded the $10 limit though. ;)

Sharon Fraser

Loved your "cookies for Santa" Mike.Do you have plans for an encore?


Veeracer and Sharon, thank you for the encouragement. :)

I am in the process of creating a new Christmas give-a-way, which is about 40% complete. I'll share it here once it's complete. :)