What's on my bench: Product Spinner #1 is complete


Product Spinner #1 is completed:  5-1/2 pounds, 17" high, 12" diameter (approximately).
I'm pleased with the way that it turned out.  Unfortunately, the motor that I initially installed is not up to the task (a 3-watt gear motor) so I've got a 6 watt on order.  The 6-watt gear motor is what I normally use.  Coming to me from China...so it will take a while.
This automata was sort of complicated and sort of easy.  Most everything that I created I've created before in some form or another.  In addition to the biped pedaling there are two rotating platforms that will hold display item(s), and one that flies a pennant. 
As I watch this automata perform I'm pleased with all of the different speeds.  That's one of the hard things about creating these things...what speeds should things be.  
In the design phase I get out a stopwatch and open my mind and sort of imagine things...then I create the pulley diameters to accomplish my vision.  It worked out this time.  Sometimes it does not.
The biped is basswood, with an Apoxy head.  Apoxy is a two-part sculpting medium.  You get 2-4 hours to work the material, then it cures and hardens.  You can apply additional layers if desired.
The biped is painted with acrylic paints and then finger waxed with paste furniture polish...and then buffed.  The wood strips that you see are African Mahogany...a very pretty wood.  I attached them with superglue at the ends and Titebond running in between the two superglued ends.  This allowed me to attach and briefly hold each strip in place and then after the superglue had set I could move on to the next strip.  The Titebond takes about 1/2 hour to accept it's fate.  
Because this automata has been designed to work in a commercial environment it does not include a hand crank.

I look forward to seeing what is on your bench!

Stay healthy.
-Jim Coffee-
San Diego, CA