Uri Tuchman, creator of automata and other things


I love the world of automata and I enjoy learning.  I especially enjoy learning about how to create automata.  Last night I ran across Uri Tuchman.  Here is a link to his YouTube video page.  And then here are links to three specific videos that you might enjoy.  
  1. Creating a Sculptor automata.  In this video, he works with brass and wood.  He makes mistakes, corrects them, and in the end has a nice automata.
  2. Creating a small metal hammer.  For the Sculptor automata he needed a small hammer.  It is in this video that he creates it.   One of the side things that he does is make a small drawknife.
  3. Creating a benchtop lathe.  Just interesting.  He starts with a treadle sewing machine base and moves forward from there.
I like the way that this guy presents.  He has an interesting accent and a very interesting sense of humor.  And he does a really good job working with both metal and wood.  Many closeup shots.
A pleasure to watch.
-Jim Coffee-