What's on my bench: Removable CamPak


Greetings all...
The automata that I am currently working on calls for 6 cams.  As I contemplated the build I realized that if I "built these things in" that it would be a difficult build...and that maintenance (should there be any) would be difficult.  So I decided that I wanted the campak to be easily removable.  For size reference...the cams are 5" diameter, 3/16 inch baltic birch ply.
The first image shows the campak installed...and the second image shows the campak removed.  Removal takes 1 minute at the most.
The cam followers will hang from the shaft that you see above the campak.
The next steps in this build will be to remove five of the six cams...and then create the follower and linkage and then cut the sixth cam.  When done with the 6th cam...repeat for the five remaining cams.
When completed it should all work.  I hope so...I've never done this before.
-Jim Coffee-
one of the Automata Group Moderators
I create automata near San Diego, California



Wonderful idea Jim. Depending on the design of the automata a removable campak could be swapped out with other campaks to provide a different effect. The writing automata come to mind.
Looking forward to hearing about your automata adventures!


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