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We are pleased to sponsor this online automata forum, the intent of which is to further bring the world of automata together. This forum is a great way for automatists to connect with each other and to share work, ideas, tips, and to simply discuss topics of common interest. If you have a problem or question,  someone else on the forum will often have an answer. If you have a new topic that you would like to explore, you will be able to post that topic for others to see and to respond to. • You may subscribe to the forum (apply for membership) on the home page here ( ). • Topics/messages can be found here ( ). • FAQs can be found here. ( ) Our online forum is moderated. Moderators will endeavor to keep spam to a minimum and to encourage active participation and a positive environment for discussion. The first two messages from forum subscribers will be passed by a moderator for approval. All messages from non-subscribers will be passed by a moderator for approval (so we urge you to subscribe to the forum). This message-approval process is in place to keep spam to a minimum. We look forward to you joining us and reading your forum conversations.
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  • automatamagazine | automata-buy-sell / Automata Buy-Sell-Wanted Group Forum
    This Buy Sell subgroup of the Automata Magazine General Discussion Group is designed to focus conversations on "Buying, Selling, Wanted" threads of discussion.
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