Favorite Suppliers


While reading through posts it's always exciting to find new sources of suppliers which can be used for automata.

However, as the number of posts grow it will become more difficult to find the thread which contains the supplier you remembered reading about. (I typically visit these sites right away and then bookmark them.) It would be efficient to have a single thread listing the suppliers we use along with a brief description of what the company offers.

Here are some that I have seen been posted in various posts (Bolded company names are linked to the company's website.):
Proxxon - High quality power tools for model builders, precision mechanics, mould makers, tool makers, opticians, goldsmiths, watch-makers and more, giving users high-performance power-tools in a size never offered before.

Woodworks LTD - The largest selection of quality craft, hobby, and woodworking supplies, including wood parts, wood craft supplies, wood turnings, wood stampings, hardware, wire or jute, wood fruit and animals to balls, beads, shaker pegs, dowels, dowel caps, stair plugs, doll making supplies, pens, door hangers, toy wheels, and small furniture parts, all at wholesale prices.

McMaster-Carr - Supplier of hardware, tools, raw materials, and maintenance equipment and supplies. McMaster maintains a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and utility hardware not usually located from a single source.

If you have favorite suppliers please add them to this thread.

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