What's on my bench: A completed Bottle Spinner


These past couple of weeks has gone by quickly.  Painting takes focus, and then there is the drying time, which is both important and frustrating.

After I reassembled, the drive mechanism proved unreliable.  The drive belt was storing energy and releasing it when one of the couplings passed around one of the pulleys.  I have replaced the drive belt with a plastic drive chain and all is well.  I’ve not used a plastic drive chain in this kind of situation but I think that it will be fine…the chain will be doing very little work…just a tiny amount.

As I’ve been creating this automata  I have on order a Prusa Mini 3D printer.  It will arrive here in the first couple of weeks of October.  So I’ve been looking at what I’m doing and what I need in anticipation of being able to create some of the components with the 3D printer.

I’ve concluded that I’ll be able to build to tighter tolerances with the 3D printer.  For example, the ratchet mechanism that I created from wood (in this automata) would be better 3D printed, I think.  It would be more uniform and more perfect.  Also, the pulleys will be able to be 3D printed, and the motor mounts, and etc.  I’m excited to get the printer.  The filaments that I’ll be working with initially will be PETG and PLA with carbon fiber.  There are many filaments available. It’s exciting and I’m looking forward to learning this new tool

Here are a couple of images:

This shows the three primary modules that make-up this automata.  The base, the drive frame, the electrics module.  Not shown is the biped (well, the rest of it).  Nor is the display platform in this picture.

Here is a close-up of the head.  His eye sockets have been filled with epoxy which gives a sort of gleam in the eye.
And here is a close-up of the drive belt
And here is the complete automata.
In the next few weeks I'll be putting together the videos for these three product spinners, and the other marketing materials that I'll need.  And then I need to hit the road and get one or two rented for the Christmas season.  To me...that's the hard part.
Anyway...I'd love to see what's on your bench.
-Jim Coffee-
creating automata near San Diego, California.

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