Re: WIP "The Politician"


Hi Jim,
Thanks very much for your comments.
The motor seen in the photo is proving to be a bit underpowered. I mark and cut two cams at a time, either side of the centre support, reinstall, and run the shaft. As a pair is added, the load on the motor is increased, naturally. So far six cams are cut, and the motor sounds like it has reached its torque limit, judging by its sound, slowing considerably.  It is 3.8 W, brushless, its max  
torque is 12 No load sound is whiny, something I addressed by building a solid timber housing, to a lesser result than wanted. I am considering  replacing it with a 16.3 W, 75 torque motor, also brushless. This is in line with my usual working mode, which is that if something doesn't do what it needs to,  go back to the beginning with that aspect and modify until it performs. Entirely new to motorising, zero electrical knowledge, makes this aspect very experimental, and engaging.

How is your work going ?


Keep safe !

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