WIP "The Politician"


The crankshaft is completed with blanks cams, which are  80mm 6mm ply, attached to the shaft by a brass boss,  secured by grub screws. A 12 V DC motor is coupled to the shaft. The motor drives a worm gear , which reduces its 38 rpm to 68 seconds for a complete turn. This assembly is  fixed to the base of the "engine room" by a single screw, allowing for R & R as often as needed, which of course is many many times ! 

Since then, I have changed the camshaft to 7/16 dia, because the original at 6mm didn't handle the torsion  well, resulting in a jam when a steep curve is reached on a single cam. The supports at either end and the centre are bearing loaded.

The cam followers are seen here with the cable connections, and the motor housing.  They are adjustable to allow for fine tuning of the movements. The cam followers can be lifted free of their anchor points, making their R & R simple. Cam marking and cutting has begun also, the WIP will continue when that is complete.
The marking of the cams is made so much easier, and far less revisions required because the motor, not one's hand turns the crankshaft whilst the marking attachment scribes the blank. It does this, with the  constant speed of the motor. Initially I thought I need a hand crank to scribe. 

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