What's on my bench: A Product Spinner


Greetings from San Diego...
I've been funding my automata studio by performing in public with my street organ (an organ that I created).  
As you can guess I'm not permitted to play in public at the moment...so I've taken the opportunity to attempt to diversify my automata income stream.

For many decades I've considered building small countertop automations that 'work' in a store.  As I've played my street organ in public occasionally I've taken a powered automata with me.  I've been able to observe how a variety of people react to these interesting little constructs.  I notice that many people are very fascinated with them...they become sort of mesmerized and many times become more talkative.

So I decided to use the COVID-19 stay at home downtime to construct one of my long dreamed of countertop automata. 
Here it is...almost finished.  It features:
  • a biped that is both pedaling and pulling levers, which appear to power the automata.
  • two rotating product tables.  You see the larger one at hip height and the smaller one at shoulder height.
    • these two tables rotate at different rpm's and in opposing directions.,
  • a rotating shaft at the back/top that at the moment is flying some blue painters tape.
  • at the base inside the 'doweled' area, is the motor, the electrics, the cams, etc.
As you can see I still need to create the head, and I need to paint.  The head will be created from Apoxy, a two-part modeling putty that hardens in about 4 hours.

When completed I will attempt to find a retail establishment that will rent this automata from me.  I envision it would fit well in a jewelry store, a candy shop, a bakery, a pot shop, a dentist's office, at a Farmers Market...I could go on and on.  Time will tell whether or not this is a good idea.  I've had fun creating it.  And I've begun 'whittling' details on the biped.  For example, this particular biped is wearing a shirt and pants (that I've carved into the basswood).

COVID-19 has been good for me...it's given me a lot more time in my studio.

What's on your bench??

Stay healthy!!
-Jim Coffee-

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