Re: " A Moment by the Seaside"


Hi Jim,
Thanks for your comment. Timekeeping is a relic left over from my previous life, cabinetmaking,  time was important for pricing. I have found that looking over the time sheets is a reminder, what not to do next time, what was done, and its outcome. Recording everything, including fails, of which, there are many, is very instructive, and takes little time to do.  I lose track of time too, this work started in Feb 2019, of which 336 hours is the actual "at the tools" time. I don't count the creative, thinking time, which is constant.

I painted the background. Came across an interesting method to add realistic water shine. Two part high gloss resin is applied thick, over the acrylic. Its surface tension creates an uneven film, which pools  splash like, as it dries. I confess to wanting a smooth, flaw free result, but the material decided otherwise. I often get lucky.....

The progress of the piece was to be a series of articles for the magazine, but didn't eventuate. There are many photos/videos  of the mechanics of this work, I can post some of those if it is of interest.
The next piece I have in mind is a head, which has operable eyes, eyebrows, eyelids, mouth, head tilting, turning. It could be, as that progresses, similar to all previous works, additions/subtractions may come into play. Unlike the previous works, it will not tell a story, just a learning exercise, so may not be interesting to  forum members.

I read of your entry into the world of carving, a courageous decision which has major effects on works. If I may pass on something learned during this build - carve a head separately to the body, attach nose and ears as blocks,  carve on face, attach head.


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