Re: " A Moment by the Seaside"


Hi Gus...
This looks like a beauty.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm looking forward to seeing the video.  I'm impressed that you are able to keep track of your hours.  I lose track of my hours.
It looks like you have incorporated an actual photo in the background?  Good idea.
The next one that you build consider some 'under construction' sharing.  Would love to see more of your work.  Great job.
Cheers from San Diego
-Jim Coffee-

On Thu, 23 Apr 2020 at 17:38, Gus <klekner@...> wrote:
A family is walking by a beach, when they spot a swimmer in difficulties in the water......
Completed after some 330 hours, it tells the story of  mobile phone compulsion now evident everywhere. The video will follow shortly.

Thanks for looking,

Regards,   be safe !


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