What's on my bench: 15 April 2020, Marbles, pedals


I've had several things on my bench since my last post:
  1. I've created a new biped.  Using 'whittling techniques' that I've learned recently I've managed to shape the basswood body so that it's more acceptable to me.
  2. I've experimented with a 'marble train'.  My goal is to have a ring that moves and that causes a 5 marble train to travel around it.  I've managed to create a test stand that works just fine...except the train will not start itself.  The current test unit has three suspension points.  I think that I will need to move to four suspension points to get the device to self start the train.  The ring is 10" diameter.
  3. I'm creating an automata that will be 'pedal-powered'.  The biped will be pedaling.  I've been testing configurations of pedals.  The one pictured is made entirely of wood  The squares are 1/4" and the rounds are 3/16".  The red marks show the sections that were to be removed after the glue set up.  All in all, this proved to be very strong...surprisingly strong.  I'm in the process of creating another test pedal, this time using stainless steel shafting and wood squares.  I want to use the stainless shafting so that there will be less wear and so that I can use ball bearings.
    This particular biped has leather for hip and knee joints.
What is on your bench??

Cheers from San Diego
-Jim Coffee-

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