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Hi Barry...
Thanks for posting.
Yes...the response to the virus is interesting.  I live in California.  I just read that our Governor suspects that 56% of Californians will become ill...that's 22 million people.  Kind of astonishing.  I hope he is wrong.  My wife and I are blessed to be able to stay out of the mainstream.

Regarding the combination lock:  That looks like a fun project  Is the one in the pictures on Matthias's site your actual build?  Nice job...whoever did it.  I like Matthias's website.  Lots of practical stuff there...some of it sort of daring.

The bird project looks interesting.  I was able to follow the link...did not need to join.  When trying the link to the actual mechanism I found it Google'd singing bird mechanism...the result of which took me on a merry journey.  Apparently the bellows are in the mechanism?  I have created two sets of bellows for street organs. They are about 18" long. The ones for the singing bird mechanism are sure tiny...they look interesting.  Nice that the mechanism includes the lever that is timed to the chirps.  Your project looks like fun and it seems that you are doing a stellar job.

Try to enjoy your isolation.  Stay healthy.

-Jim in San Diego-

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Hello ALL


Firstly, I hope you are all keeping well. Here in the UK, us over 70s have been told to not meet friends and family for 12 weeks. That is going to be really tough, but is essential for the good of all.


I know it’s nothing to do with automata but you may be interested in the wooden combination lock I have made (see photo). Details of the pattern can be found at:


I am currently working on a singing bird designed and made by Keith Newstead. He provides details of its construction on this web site (you may have to join the group):


I am coming up with my own version but the basics are the same. The singing mechanism is brilliant. It has a little lever on top which produces the movement in the bird.





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