What on my bench: The Electrics Module


The Electric Chair automata that I am (still) building has two major components: 1) The top part...the automata proper.  2) The Drive Frame...the automata sits on top of the drive frame.
The Drive Frame is complicated so I've modularized two components so that they can easily be removed: 1) The CamPak is easy to take out and replace.  2) The Electrics Module...which contains all of the electrical portions of the automata (including the motor) with the exception of one limit switch.
The two images show  1) the completed module as it sits on my workbench and 2) the module installed in the drive frame of the automata.

The drive frame has not been painted yet.  The entire drive frame will be painted using a camo palette of four colors.
I've appreciated being able to create this electrics module as a stand-alone unit.  It's been easier to make.  Installation into the drive frame is easy...it hangs from two stainless steel axles.
Now that I've been able to run the automata under power it's been easier to monitor and to troubleshoot.  I've got a bit more tweaking to do...then I'll be disassembling for paint.

I would enjoy seeing what's on your workbench.

Regards from San Diego.
-Jim Coffee-

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