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Make sure you have a working knife switch. That will be cool. Maybe a power meter too.

On Tue, Feb 4, 2020 at 8:26 PM Jim Coffee <jim@...> wrote:
I am in the process of creating an automata called 'The Electric Chair'.  It is what it sounds like.  One of the issues that I've been wanting to deal with is the clothing for both the convict and the guard.  I've poked around on-line and not been able to find anything suitable. I've considered creating the clothing myself (I'm a 74 year old male).  And then spotted an ad for a Miniature Show that was nearby.  I attended last weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I found
  • Almost immediately I found a woman who lives here in the San Diego area who would be willing to create the clothing for both the convict and the guard.  She estimated about $30.00 each.  She noted that neither one would need underwear.  She estimated between 2 and 8 weeks.  She is older than me...bent over further than I am...very nice...and accepting of the subject matter.  I am  very pleased to have met her and will be mailing my bipeds to her within the month.
There were other things there:
  • Just generally speaking...walking around...seeing the doll houses...seeing all the displays...was lubricating to my creative juices.  I'm glad I went.
  • One lady had little fruits and vegetables.  They were so realistic that when cut open with a razor blade you could see that the interiors looked anatomically correct as well as the exteriors.  Bizarre.
  • Other booths displayed plates with food (meals) on them.  Some booths had tables that were set with plates of food.  This got me to thinking about my convict's last meal.  I think it would be kind of neat to have a mostly consumed 'last meal' in the background.  Unfortunately the foods were too small for my automata...but the idea sticks...and I will look for larger food.
  • Rugs.  There were extremely realistic looking rugs of all (small) sizes.
  • Bamboo window blinds caught my eye.
  • Architecturally correct building parts...wood framed windows...wood framed doors...were interesting to see.
  • All kinds of small led lighting devices.
  • Decorated doll houses in many different themes...from residential thru shops thru stores.  No motion (read no automata).
  • There were few people there under 30.  Of those there most were women...with an average age of perhaps 47.
  • It appeared that most of the products for sale were items that had been sourced from somewhere else.  
A major take away for me was that 'details matter'.  My automata tend to be machines.  I need to correct that...I need to make them appear to be more like 'real life'.  I need to add more relevant detail to my automata.

Anyway...the show was interesting...I'm glad that I went.
-Jim Coffee-
San Diego, CA.

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