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1 & 2. I have two lathes -- a Taig 3” lathe and a 9” South Bend made in the 1950s, which is my favorite tool in my shop. I love it and couldn’t do what I want to do without it. The Taig is also an excellent precision machine, but good mostly for small parts. You can make small parts on a big lathe but you can’t make big parts on a little one.

3. I prefer to work with brass or free-machining steel. Aluminum machines well but I don’t like the material.

4. I have machined wood but don’t like to on my lathes for the reasons Vance outlined. I ALWAYS use a vacuum in close proximity to the cutting tool when machining wood, and thoroughly clean up afterward. If it’s a larger part, I’ll put some protective plastic over parts of the lathe.

5. I also have two milling machines -- a Taig, which is excellent for most things that I do, and a Rusnok for larger or heavier work.


On Jan 18, 2020, at 8:34 PM, Jim Coffee <jim@...> wrote:

It would be interesting to know which of you own a metal lathe.  If so my questions would be...
  1. Do you appreciate owning it?  Practically speaking...does it help you?
  2. What size/brand is it?
  3. Do you have a 'favorite metal' that you like to work with?
  4. Do you also machine wood?
  5. Do you also own a milling machine?
Thanks in advance.
-Jim Coffee-

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