What 3D software do you use?


Hello Jim and ALL


I use AutoCad. I have used it for the last 30 years, throughout my working life - so am pretty proficient at it. It is good for 2D drafting and for 3D models. When making automata, I usually prepare 2D plans which are printed off full scale for use as templates.


I managed to write some software for AutoCad (not AutoCad Light) which allows you to flick from one image to another, like a flick book, giving the impression of movement (both 2D and 3D):




It takes about 20 hours to learn basic AutoCad. You can download an educational version for free:




I have been told that it is possible to find unlicensed 34 bit copies – at your own risk!


Newer computers running 64 bit processors need enabling software (such as Longbow) to run the old 32 bit software.







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