Re: Mixing Media Within the Mechanics


Hi MIke...
Interesting question.  It will be interesting reading the responses.
In my case:
  1. I like to work with start there.
  2. I like "smooth and quiet".
  3. I never rotate (or slide) wood inside of wood.  I always use either a nylon bushing (for a partial rotation) or a ball bearing assembly (for full rotation).
  4. The size automata that I create cause me to work with shafts 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4" diameter.  
  5. If I am doing something simple that is not high tolerance I will use a wood shaft inside nylon bearings.  The wood dowels are not the right size for the ball bearing assemblies...they are always too large...and a pain to install.
  6. I use 1/4" stainless steel shafting and ball bearings for things that rotate.
    1. When attaching things to the stainless shaft I normal clamp onto the shaft.
    2. The 1/4" shafting comes in a D profile.  I prefer using this D profile because it permits the clamps to get a better grip.
    3. Hubs are also available.
    4. I source my shafting, bearings, hubs, and spacers from
Good question.
-Jim Coffee-
enjoying the 'sport' of automata near San Diego, California.

On Sat, 21 Dec 2019 at 09:39, Mike <smc5910@...> wrote:
I was wondering about the pros and cons of mixing media within the mechanics of our autuomata. For example could I use a brass, aluminum or steel rod in place of a wooden dowel rod, but then have wooden cams, cranks, gears and levels attached to the metal rod? Over a certain length I guess all rods tend to flex. Or would it be wiser to simply add support posts at the point of flex? I hope this makes sense.


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