Re: What's on my bench: Progress, and a mess


Hi Guys...
They are not large...smaller than a pack of cigarettes.  That said...that can be huge...depending on where it is to be used.
I source from Amazon or eBay.  Search eBay for "mechanical counter".  Expect to pay between $5-10.  An important consideration when ordering is how many cycles you want to count.  A six digit counter will go to 999,999 and then start over.  I typically source 6 or 7 digit counters.  
They operate with either a pull (or a push).  Not lots of effort is required.  There is a "click" noise, which can be a distraction. 
I've attached 3 images.  
  1. Close up
  2. Installed facing forward.
  3. Installed on the back.
As I mentioned earlier, I like to install counters because I get a sense of how well the machine is performing.  And I find it interesting knowing how many cycles the machine has operated.  And other people almost always make a (positive) counter comment.
-Jim Coffee-

On Sat, 21 Dec 2019 at 08:37, V Bass <vrbass@...> wrote:
That's a really interesting idea, Jim. Can you tell us more about them -- size, source, etc?


On December 21, 2019 8:40:28 AM MST, Jim Coffee <jim@...> wrote:
>Good morning Mike...
>I install mechanical counters into all of my automata. 

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