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Hi Mike,

In my experience, mixing materials is fine. I always do. I started using only wood but found that climate and weather affected it to the point that, if you are working to fairly close tolerances, the whole thing would bind up in damp weather. Once I started using brass for the shafts, that problem was solved. I try to stay with wood when possible but also try to evaluate what will be the best material for the application. —Marc

On Dec 21, 2019, at 10:39 AM, Mike <smc5910@...> wrote:

I was wondering about the pros and cons of mixing media within the mechanics of our autuomata. For example could I use a brass, aluminum or steel rod in place of a wooden dowel rod, but then have wooden cams, cranks, gears and levels attached to the metal rod? Over a certain length I guess all rods tend to flex. Or would it be wiser to simply add support posts at the point of flex? I hope this makes sense.


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