Re: What's on my bench: Progress, and a mess


Good morning Mike...
I install mechanical counters into all of my automata.  Some of the time they are hidden...but sometimes they are visible.  For example in the case of the Electric Chair the counter counts executions.  The other automata that I've got on my bench right now is an exercise machine.  I've got the counter facing the biped so that he can know how much exercise he has done.
I find the counters interesting...other people find them interesting...and they help me understand use and repair cycles.  Big Wheel Lift #1 (the one I take into public with me) has cycled more than 36,000 marbles at this point...and is seeming to be running strong.

On Sat, 21 Dec 2019 at 03:58, Mike <smc5910@...> wrote:
Jim, your making great progress, the addition really add to the scene. What is hanging on the wall in the prisoner's room?
I like seeing messy work spaces, it doesn't shock me at all, they seem more alive.


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