Re: What's On My Bench - Colorado Christmas


Hi Mike,

Very festive scene, just right for this time of the year ! Nice work, and colours. Some observations;
The shot of the cams shows a captive cam arrangement, with a follower top and bottom. These are different in the final photo, were they not successful ? If not, what was the problem with it ?
Will it be driven by a motor ?
The cam arrangement could be simpler by doing the follower as the "capturing" device, so that a single cam per figure is needed. (That is, if you seek simplicity )
Were you particularly wanting to use bevel gears to drive the trees ? 
Are the gears printed, as are the reindeers and sleigh, and do you intend to do as much as possible with future projects using this technology ?

No doubt you are busy with the festivities planning etc, but looking forward to seeing everything move.


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