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Hi Mike...
Regarding costs: 
Regarding incorporation into the automata:  In the past I have:
  • Forced bearing assemblies over wood dowels.  While this does work, maintenance and removal are not easy.  The precision shafting is not expensive and is very precise.  
  • Used stainless shafting and ball bearing assemblies.  This works well.
In the future I will be copper plating at least some of the precision shafts.  The copper plating 'takes the the shafts back in time', it's a nice effect.  And the bearings still slide on and off easily.

Another type of bearing that I use are nylon spacers.  I source them from ServoCity.  When I have a shaft that does full rotation I use ball bearings.  But when I have a shaft that does partial rotation, and that has a relatively light load, I use nylon spacers.

All of us have our own building standards and objectives and goals.  In my case I like "quiet", "smooth", and "longevity".  I maintain an inventory of bearings and spacers that allows me to create without running out.  It's taken me time and money to build the inventory...but at the end of the day I really appreciate not having to slow down and wait for something to arrive in the mail.  And speaking of arriving in the mail...I should mention that I source virtually everything that I use online.  I get sick and tired of driving to somewhere only to find no stock, or out of stock.  
-Jim Coffee-
San Diego, CA

On Sat, 23 Nov 2019 at 17:41, Mike <smc5910@...> wrote:
Jim, curious as to the cost. Do you incorporate the metal shafts in with the wood or do something entirely different?


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