What's On My Bench - Colorado Christmas


As Jim suggested it will be easier to follow the progress of projects if we post a separate topic for each of them.

The last few days have been bitter sweet for me. Saturday, my CNC went bonkers on a simple cut that has been done several times in the past and drilled through the wood and into the table bed.I don't trust the beast very much and was thankfully was able to hit the emergency stop before more damage was done. I power cycled the machine and loaded a different file that is also used quite often, this time just the opposite happened as it attempted to push the router through the roof. <sigh> Needless to say they don't make things like they used to. I shipped the controller to the MFG, hopefully it isn't too expensive to repair.

On a brighter note, I was able to obtain a scroll saw on Sunday, which I have wanted for some time. 

Through all of that, a wedding and revamping the website, I was able to make progress on what I am now calling "Colorado Christmas." (My grandsons live in that beautiful state). Pictures follow below. 

Painted Reindeer

With Santa

Cams - Made them heavy to behave as quasi flywheels and hopefully last longer. Coated the interior with bee's wax.

New scroll saw

Tag, your it!

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